GeoPro Master Dealer

A full service geothermal provider for the Greensburg area, Wallpe Heating & Cooling is dedicated to helping you save money on all of your heating, cooling and hot water costs.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: WaterFurnace Envision systems are rated number one in energy efficiency because they can deliver an astounding five units of energy for every unit of electrical energy used. Compare that to even the best ordinary system that delivers less than one unit compared to the most efficient gas furnace, which rates only 94 percent.

COST EFFECTIVE: Because of the extraordinary efficiency of a WaterFurnace system, any added investment related to installing a geothermal unit is usually more than offset by your energy savings. In new homes, most homeowners will experience an immediate positive return on their investment when the system cost is added to the mortgage. In replacement installations, homeowners find that any added investment over the cost of an ordinary system is generally recovered in energy savings within a few years.

COMFORTABLE: Capturing the relatively stable temperature of the Earth to heat and cool your home, WaterFurnace systems provide consistent, comfortable heating and cooling. You can even regulate temperatures in different areas of your home with an optional zone control system.

RELIABLE: The WaterFurnace reputation for reliability has been earned by using only the highest-quality components, design and workmanship. Computer run-testing after assembly ensures that your unit performs flawlessly at start-up. And in the unlikely event of a malfunction, WaterFurnace units are backed by the best warranties in the industry. Your geothermal unit will provide many years of dependable operation.

QUIET: WaterFurnace systems don’t require noisy outdoor units that can disturb your peaceful surroundings or create unsightly additions to your home’s appearance.

SAFE: Because natural gas, propane or oil is not required to operate a WaterFurnace unit, there’s no combustion, flames or fumes and no chance of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

FLEXIBLE: One compact WaterFurnace unit provides heating, central air conditioning and supplemental domestic hot water. Horizontal, vertical, and bottom-flow configurations are available for a wide range of home applications, including newly constructed and existing homes. No matter what climate you live in, your WaterFurnace system will deliver.

CLEAN: High-efficiency air cleaners found in WaterFurnace systems keep your indoor air quality clean, removing dust and pollen so you can breathe easier.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The ground absorbs about 47 percent of the sun’s energy that reaches the Earth. WaterFurnace systems harness that free, renewable energy and provide an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Installing a WaterFurnace system is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road. And the WaterFurnace system doesn’t burn fossil fuels, which means no emissions or harmful greenhouse gases are released into the air.

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